“Our vision is to provide innovative,

Cost effective healthcare products

While being best and trusted

customer centric

supplier in the region”.

“After almost three decades from our successful start at HORIZON MEDICAL SUPPLIES in 1992, and following continuous triumphs throughout this remarkable journey, I am delighted to announce that our new vision has taken flight. We have grown and evolved as a SME medical company marking our presence as an ever more robust establishment in the region.

Our vision for HORIZON MEDICAL SUPPLIES will be achieved through sustainability, innovation and agility. We believe this can be accomplished by ensuring care and responsiveness to all our stakeholders, starting with our employees, following our customer, suppliers, and communities.

Today, HORIZON MEDICAL SUPPLIES continues to win recognition in the marketplace because we understand that customers are ever more knowledgeable and rightly demanding of quality healthcare. Our objective is to serve our customers in a better and smarter way by making the best of our resources in order to create better value to our customers. we are a company of standards, the tradition of unyielding integrity will always be our mark. Our reputation for honest and reliable business conduct built over many years of commitment and dedication are tested and proven in each business transaction we make.

At HORIZON MEDICAL SUPPLIES we believe in an open culture, and the importance of empowering our people by developing leadership and teamwork through the organization.

Our team is proud to deliver unique quality healthcare products and best-in-class service of superior value to enhance quality of life for people.

We look forward to continuously serve you in a better and smarter way in the Healthcare industry, and to keep you updated on our progress. Last but not least I am honored to be part of such a progressive company dedicated to enhancing the quality of human life.”

Mohammad El Husseini

Managing Director