All dialysis facilities require a properly designed and maintained water treatment system to safeguard patients. No municipal water can be considered safe for use in hemodialysis applications, in the absence of a treatment system, some of the most toxic contaminants arise from municipal water treatment practices. The core purification process required for producing purified water for renal dialysis is reverse osmosis (RO). Typically, single pass RO plant will meet the microbiological and mineral standards for HD. For haemodiafiltration (HDF), single pass RO systems cannot always be guaranteed to meet the more stringent microbiological standards; as a result, either double pass RO with additional ultrafiltration or sub-micron filtration should be considered when designing water treatment systems for HDF.


Reverse osmosis systems


HMS offers DWA, the highest quality dialysis systems as an overall concept with extensive services. Innovative solutions around the ultra pure water of dialysis centers and develops systems for the production of ultra-pure permeate and its distribution into the dialysis machine. Provides concepts for different requirements and operating conditions.

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