An invasive procedure is one that penetrates or breaks the skin or enters a body cavity. Examples of invasive procedures include those that involve perforation, an incision, a catheterization, or other entry into the body.

HMS addresses the clinical needs of the specialists seeking to improve their invasive techniques when treating the patients bringing in remarkable innovations to your hands. HMS brings recent advances in medical disposable that are contributing significant improvements to the safety and outcome of patient procedures


Healthcare Disposables – Infusion Therapy, Transfusion Therapy, Dialysis, Gastroenterology, Urology, Anesthesia, Surgery, General Medical Disposables, Catheters and Tube


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Disposable syringes and disposable needles

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Waste and Sharp containers

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Infinium Medical is one of the most highly respected USA based manufacturers of patient monitors and operating room equipment in the medical community. We put the needs of our clients and their patients first, because we understand that providing compassionate and effective health care is about more than just the equipment you use.

The products have a superior design, are easy to use, and cost effective; ensuring that every medical facility, regardless of size or budget, can have cutting-edge medical patient monitoring technology.

Patient Monitors, Medical Monitor Equipment and Capnography Monitors and More from Infinium Medical

Patient Monitors

The Omni patient monitor series offers a range of vital sign measurement options from basic spot check monitoring to advanced cardiac and anesthesia measurements. The Omni series covers all care areas from transport patient monitoring, to bedside or ICU patient monitoring, to operating room monitoring.

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Vital signs Monitors

The CLEO table top vital sign monitor accurately measures pulse oximetry (SpO2), pulse, non-invasive blood pressure and Rapid Temp oral temperature. The CLEO is a sturdy, yet small lightweight monitor incorporating an easily visible touch-screen LCD display. Addressing the end user’s specific needs, the CLEO can be built with any one of the above or a combination of the vital sign functions.

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ATS – Multifunctional Electro Hydraulic Operating Table

Built to the foremost standard of quality, with intuition and stability in mind the ATS surgical table is the new standard in patient positioning. The ATS surgical features a C-Arm compatible table top with a 225 KG (500 LB) lift capacity.

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Infinium O2 Sat Pulse Oximeter From Infinium Medical

One of the most powerful and convenient pulse oximeters on the market, the new O2 Sat from Infinium Medical brings you state-of-the-art portable patient monitoring technology at your finger tips. Using touch screen technology for ease of use and fast and convenient information sharing, you will be more than impressed with everything the O2 Sat pulse oximeter has to offer.

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