Mectronic designs, manufacturers, and sells electro medical devices for physiotherapy.

With over 30 years of experience, Mectronic has become one of the leading European manufacturers of physiotherapy systems and medical lasers. Wellbeing is our mission: thanks to our on-field experience we can propose safe and innovative therapies for physical recovery.

Specialties; Physical Recovery Devices, Tecar therapy, Laser therapy, Chelt Therapy, Cryotherapy, Sport Medicine, Physiotherapy to rehabilitation, Technology serving medicine, and Methodologies for the physical therapy

iLux Product 1iLux is a lightweight, powerful and compact device for MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy. iLux is available in several versions to suit your needs. You can choose from multiple configurations with different power combinations (5W to 15W) and wavelengths: 810nm + 980nm, 1064nm, 810nm + 1064nm, 810nm + 980nm + 1064nm (Triax). iLux is flexible, functional and high-performance, and thanks to the many accessories it enables you to implement the therapy in a simple and effective way. Additionally, you can extend iLux functionality thanks to the ScanX module and combine all the advantages of manual and automatic therapy in a single device.

iLux Models:
• Different model from wavelength: 650 nm to 1064 nm
• Different model from Power: 0.5 W to 15 W

iLux Product 2 iLux Product 3 iLux Product 4

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iLux XP is an innovative system that emits laser light with three or four separate wavelengths for THEAL Therapy. iLux XP is capable of mixing up to 4 wavelengths (650nm + 810nm + 980nm + 1064nm) thanks to the innovative Lambda Mixer system and emits laser light with power up to 30W. iLux XP modulates laser light to adapt therapy to the specific patient and specific pathology. In order to fully adjust the therapy, iLux XP has 11 different emission modes, some of which are patented, such as the stochastic E²C evolution mode. In addition, iLux XP lets you create customized output modes by combining different emission modes for each wavelength, if needed, thanks to the revolutionary Wave Creator system. iLux XP features the innovative Light Blade handpiece, equipped with patented magnetic technology, and expandable with 10 different applicators to maximize therapy.

iLux XP Models:
• Wavelength: 650 nm to 1064 nm
• Power: Variable up to 30 W

iLux XP ProductiLux XP Product2

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Doctor Tecar is light, compact, powerful and easy to transport. Thanks to Real-Time Switching Technology, Doctor Tecar emits Tecar current up to 120 W (350 Wpp) power with two distinct application frequencies. Doctor Tecar is available in two different models: Standard and AVx. The AVx features three innovative modes: automatic, pulsed and transport. Due to 2 working frequencies, 6 different applicators, 4 emission modes and 5 operating modes, Doctor Tecar Therapy offers you a powerful and flexible therapeutic experience. Discover all the technical features and the numerous and powerful accessories that make Doctor Tecar a fundamental and powerful instrument in daily practice.

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Pluswave Product 1PulsWave is an innovative shock-wave device based on electromagnetic technology, capable of generating pulses with a frequency between 1 Hz and 25 Hz and with an energy of between 50 mJ and 200 mJ. PulsWave thanks to the high performance MAGPULSE electromagnetic generator can generate an ultra-soft pulse in Continuous mode, Burts mode (adjustable from 2 to 90) and innovative Swing mode. PulsWave is equipped with a number of useful accessories designed to optimize therapy.

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CHELT Therapy is an innovative therapeutic method, which thanks to the powerful and powerful synergy between the three-wavelength Triax (810nm + 980nm + 1064nm) at 30W and dry air cryotherapy at -30 ° C becomes the ideal ally in daily practice. The dry cold air produced by the cryomodule is the vector of the MultiMode HEL Laser therapy: the vasoconstriction produced favors an excellent laser diffusion in depth. Thanks to immediate and lasting results CHELT Therapy is the ideal partner to solve the pathologies of the samples.

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