2Clinical biochemistry refers to the analysis of the blood plasma (or serum) for a wide variety of substances—substrates, enzymes, hormones, etc—and their use in the diagnosis and monitoring of disease. Analysis of other body fluids (eg, urine, ascitic fluids, CSF) is also included. The discipline originated in the late 19th century with the use of simple chemical tests for various components of blood and urine. Subsequently other techniques were applied including the use and measurement of enzyme activities,spectrophotometry, electrophoresis and immunoassay.

HMS delivers one of the best Biochemistry solution from Instrumentation Laboratory, IL Clinical Chemistry offers simple, flexible and global Systems, with dedicated reagent line, calibrators and controls of high quality, to satisfy the most demanding laboratories.


ILAB-Aries-tmbThe most compact and powerful in class

Bench top analyzer – perform photometry, turbidimetry and potentiometry test. The throughput is up to 280 photometric +160 ISE tests/hour to give a total of 440 tests/hour. It generates full traceability of the sample result that can be linked with calibration used and QC obtained. Test menu includes Real time Clinical Chemistry, electrolytes, special proteins, therapeutic drugs.


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ILAB-650-tmbILab 650

With up to 100 active tests on board including general chemistries, specific proteins, Therapuetic drug and Drug of abuse; it offers the flexibility to consolidate workstations in medium sized laboratories, and due to its open nature, consolidation of speciality tests in the larger laboratory. The ILab650 can analyse 400 photometric tests/hour, and with an optional ISE module the throughput increases to give a total of up to 800 tests/hour. Test menu includes – Therapeutic drugs, drug of abuse.


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ILab 300 Plus

ILab 300 Plus is a new generation of clinical chemistry Bench top analyser. The throughput is up to 180 photometric +160 ISE tests/hour to give a total of 340 tests/hour. Test menu includes routine clinical Chemistry, electrolytes, special protiens and therapeutic drugs.


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ILab Taurus.

ILab Taurus is a Clinical Chemistry Analyzer, capable of 500 photometric tests per hour, reaching 875 tests per hour with the optional ISE module. It features continuous samples and reagents loading, and 200 tests on board to cover an extensive range of validated applications for general chemistries, specific proteins, DAT and TDM.


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