Immunoassays employ a variety of different labels to allow for detection of antibodies and antigens
Enzymes – enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA)
Radioactive isotopes – Radioimmunoassay (RIA)
DNA reporters real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction (RT qPCR)
Fluorogenic reporters – Protein microarrays
Electrochemiluminescent tags – electrochemiluminescent Analysis
Labeless immunoassays- Surface plasmon resonance

We deliver Automated immunoassay platforms and a comprehensive disease-focused test menu, to deliver powerful productivity and efficiency, providing better medical information to clinicians.


Fully automated, benchtop, random access and multiparametric immunoassay system. Magnetic particle separation with flash chemiluminescent detection And for any autoimmune laboratory test.


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1.  BEST 2000

Best 2000 is a fully automated microplate immunoanalyser designed for medium-large laboratories. 4 microplates are processed simultaneously with up to 48 tests in one profile


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ds2-tmb2.  DS2

Fully automated ELISA microtiter plate immunoanalyzer for the simultaneous complete. DS2 best 2000 is a fully automated microplate immunoanalyser designed for small- medium laboratories. 2 microplates are processed simultaneously with up to 24 tests in one profile


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ELx50-WASHER-tmb3.  ELx50 WASHER

Automated microtiter strip/plate ELISA washer. Selection of wash programmes by plate or strip.


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ELx800-tmb4.  ELx800 READER

Automated microtiter plate ELISA reader. Extensive on-board analysis:


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Autoblot S20 (for Western blot)

AUTOBLOT 20 is an automated instrument for reagent dispensing, incubation with longitudinal agitation, washing and reaction stop. Autoblot 20 has a low profile and small footprint that minimize desktop space.


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NOVA View®*
Nova-View-tmbDigital IFA microscope
NOVA View creates a new paradigm for automating the way IFA slides are analyzed, using digital technology to read and archive IFA images. Step confidently into the future of digital IFA testing with NOVA View.

QUANTA-Lyser® Family of Products
The QUANTA-Lyser family of instruments is the most flexible and efficient platform for EIA and IFA processing, with three different models to meet the volume requirements of virtually any laboratory.
QUANTA-Lyser® 240
QUANTA-Lyser® 160
QUANTA-Lyser® 2

NOVA Lite® (IFA)
NOVA GEL® (Ouchterlony)
QUANTA Chek™ Quality Control Panels

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elisa-machineFully Auto ELISA Machine
Freedom EVO®
Freedom EVO® 75
Freedom EVOlyzer®

Pre analytical Automation
FE 500 Pro

Rapid Test

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