A urine sample is needed for a urine test, which is used for instance to check for a particular disease or to monitor its progress. Using a urine test strip can already give an indication of a urinary tract infection. Urine tests are usually just one of several possible tests that can be done to diagnose or rule out diseases.

This comprises the below

Rapid urine test, a test strip


Urine culture tests

urine-testAnalyticons’ Combi-Screen PLUS

Analyticons’ Combi-Screen PLUS test strip offers a considerable higher reliability due to an excellent integrated ascorbic acid protection system. The urine strips are available in different parameter combinations, whith a maximum of elven test pads to cover a wide spectrum of measurable parameters in urine.


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Semi Automated Urine Analysis at its fastest with easy handing, continuous loading, data entry etc


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UrilyzerThe Urilyzer Auto is a new designed fully-automated urine test strip analyzer introducing the pipetting technique in combination with a new measuring head to analyze the CombiScreen 11 Auto urine strip




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urised-tmbUrised is unique within the automated solutions for urine sediment as the technology is designed to be closest to the international standardized procedure of analyzing native urine by manual microscopy.



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